Communicating Corporate Change

Communicating Corporate Changeby Bill Quirke

Getting communication right is vital to making change happen inside organisations – yet poor internal communication routinely sabotages efforts for change.

The great majority of employees do not know where their companies are going or what they are trying to achieve, but are convinced they themselves are already doing a good job. They get 70 per cent of their information on the grapevine, believe management has a hidden agenda, and feel saying what they really think would be a career limiting move.

“Communicating Corporate Change” tackles these problems with a framework for identifying the right internal communication strategy. It focuses on linking the communication strategy directly to the business strategy, and gives insights into how to make a new strategy work or to identify where a current strategy is failing.


“Communicating Corporate Change” is for:

  • Leaders who want their companies to be more effective and competitive
  • Senior managers who want to speed the rate of change in their organisations
  • Communication managers trying to educate their colleagues about communication