Why our future will be integrated

SCM February 2012

The idea that communication may simply be “internal” is already 

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Help leaders avoid communication sins

Strategic Communication Management - July 2011

Supporting leaders is where communicators can add real value, build stronger relationships and enrich their own jobs.

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Help your leaders engage people

Communication World - July / August 2011

Whatever their style, most leaders have good intentions but bad 

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Making Global Networks Work

Strategic Communication Management - May 2011

International organisations are increasingly trying to get their networks of 

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Reviewing your communication function for cost and efficiency

Strategic Communication Management - June 2010

Internal communicators want to ensure their function is making a 

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Steering leaders out of the storm

Strategic Communication Management - January 2010

In turbulent times, during increasing change and uncertainty, leaders need 

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Raising your internal communication game

Melcrum Special Report - January 2009

Heads of internal communication want to place internal communication at 

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Are you ready to meet the challenge

Strategic Communication Management - September 2008

With Chief Executives increasingly recognising the importance of internal communication, 

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Communicating bad news

Strategic Communication Management - May 2008

People don’t always respond well to change and to bad 

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Communicating a merger at Nycomed

Strategic Communication Management - February 2008

Synopsis worked extensively with Nycomed on its acquisition and integration 

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Leadership communication the AstraZeneca way

Strategic Communication Management - January 2008

Synopsis has coached hundreds of senior leaders across AstraZeneca. This 

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Information overload or meaning underload

Strategic Communication Management - October 2007

Employees consistently complain about being deluged with information. This article 

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Structuring global communications in ABN Amro

Strategic Communication Management - May 2007

International organisations have to balance communication at local levels, manage 

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Transforming internal communication at Ericsson

Strategic Communication Management - February 2007

Ericsson asked Synopsis to help them radically change their approach 

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Building an internal communication network

Strategic Communication Management - June / July 2005

Organisations are increasingly building networks of internal communicators across their 

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Developing a consistent planning approach

Strategic Communication Management - April / May 2004

Increasing levels of communication are bombarding employees and obliterating key 

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Coaching line managers to communicate

Strategic Communication Management - August / September 2003

Line Managers’ communication has a direct impact on their people. 

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How to deal with a blame culture

People Management - June 2003

Leadership, innovation and collaboration all depend on building trust and 

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Building synergy between HR and communication to add value

Strategic HR Review - November / December 2002

HR departments are increasingly responsible for internal communication. This article 

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How to build client relationships through internal communication

RICS Business - October 2002

Professional service firms know that good communication with their own 

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Internal communication: Positive messages from Air Traffic Control

Financial Times - August 2002

Executives are often swamped by the sheer weight of emails 

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Making sure staff get the company message

The Sunday Times - April 2002

Organisations are often confronted by the challenge of communicating effectively 

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Putting communication on the business agenda

Communicators in Business - August 2001

Senior managers often agree that communication is extremely important but 

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Reworking team briefings in order to connect

On Message - February 2001

Communicators are often faced with trying to make communication cascades 

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Communicating a successful merger

Melcrum Publishing - February 2001

Integrating a merger successfully can be the biggest challenge of 

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Identifying the real value of communication

Strategic Communication Management - February / March 2001

Communicators continually strive to convince their bosses of the value 

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